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Construction Tools
  • Sponge Grout Float

    Model: JB-001

    【Design】280x140mm, faster cleaning
    【Material】Grout sponge with plastic handle
    【Application】Clean and remove of excess grout.
    【Feature】Effectively cleans sponges with minimal effort
    Lightweight and easy to carry
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  • EVA Grout Float

    Model: JB-002

    【Material】EVA Foam with plastic handle
    【Feature】Ergonomics Plastic handle for better feeling.Light weight float with compressed foam base.
    【Application】For smooth grout application.
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  • Rubber Grout Float

    Model: JB-003

    【Size】280x140mm with plastic handle.
    【Material】Orange natural foam resistant to abrasion.
    【Application】Ceramic tile, glass tile on wall & floor.For cleaning, finishing grainy surfaces such as sand and cement mix It is soft enough to avoid damaging the surface of the tiles.
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  • Rubber Grout Trowel

    Model: JB-004

    【Application】For all grout types
    【Design & Feature】
    EVA foam and beveled sides-ensure complete coverage in corners Rounded corners- prevent gouging of grout joints,Easy to clean by rinsing with hose or in clean water after each use
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  • Pet Hair Remover For Laundry

    Model: cs03

    hair remover for washing machine
    with this lint remover,you don't have to remover the hair manusally before wash clothes,they will do this for you
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