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Established in 2008, Changzhou Dengyue Polymer Group Co.,ltd is an undisputed leader in foam sponge Industry. We have many subsidiaries such as Imei, Jingba, Batai, Isclean, etc. We have assembly line foaming, mold foaming, injection molding, CNC processing, cutting, stamping, milling and other processes, which meet your different needs in different fields and provide a full range of service.Our products are widely used in construction, beauty, acoustic series, protection series, vehicle engineering, hydroponics series, sealing series, cleaning series, entertainment field and so on. We supply OEM&ODM service, and aim to solve everyone's problem using our products.
Dengyue gives full play to our advantages which link external resources to complement each other, drawing on strengths and complementing weaknesses, taking the market as a guide, bringing advantages of Industry-University-Research cooperation into full play, and realize the development goal of sales according to production, cost reduction and efficiency.
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With more than 16 years of foam manufacturing experience.Dengyue Group has the equipment, access to a vast array of raw materials and the resources necessary to take on a magnitude of projects whether simple or highly complex.
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Applications In Various Industries
Dengyue Sponge provides you with professional solutions, our products are used in all walks of life
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Customer Reviews

We have a new car and I wanted to protect the door edge from the wall on each side of our garage. These have a dense foam that really does work. The backing to “un-stick” the paper is a little hard to get off, but starting in the long side middle seemed to work for each piece. This sticky backing is sticky. I wanted to lift it and move a little and it lifted the drywall! Fortunately it was such a small move of about 1” the foam still covered the spot of the dry wall I tore. These really do work!!
Great product and high quality.The foams where vacuumed sealed and after opening the bag,they were all most fully expanded after few hours and I will wait 2-3 days for them to fully expand and they did.They were perfect shape as advertised by the supplier.I will recommend this to anyone.
Our warehouse has informed us that the quantities and styles have been correct in the container.We are happy too hear that all goods were fine.Daisy did the best service and gave us many suggestions.Excellent job,nice factory.
Great products timely delivery,competent supplier 100% recommended to all,great package.I am impressed.I sell them very well,and my customers are satisfied with them.I will reorder soon.
The products were great.I like it.I used them for myself.Its soundproof function is very excellent and the vacuum package saved me much money.I will order more if any of my customers wold love to have them.
Best seller,quick response,fast shipping at reasonable price,very professional,good quality will surely but again soon.It is very pleasure to do business with you.Perfect.
It worked so well on their side of the garage that I installed one on my side for my Tesla, so I don't ever have to worry about accidentally hitting the wall and damaging the car. Really great product, and reasonably priced.
Adhesive is great. Easy to cut and install.Awesome product, used it to cover the gap between each panel on my blinds. Should have gone a little thicker but this work amazing! 5 stars!!!
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