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Wall panels

The main Material is Polyurethane, made through special processes to imitate various natural stone textures and colors.

Compared with ordinary raw stones, the texture is light, sturdy, durable, and does not fall off. A three-dimensional surface with high authenticity of stone patterns. The dry hanging construction method without cement can be easily completed.


How can I install it on a cement wall?

For the installation of all building walls, the simplest, fastest, and most effective method for concrete walls is to use an air nail gun. It is recommended to use 15mm-30mm steel row nails, and the installation sequence is the same

 Is the product easy to clean?

Any liquid soap and a small brush with soft bristles can clean our product. Regardless of any product. You can also use a soft bristle brush in conjunction with a soft water hose or a pressure cleaner, but if you use a pressure cleaner, do not spray pressure at close range. The product has resistance in all situations, but does not contain highly corrosive substances, so for new products, careful testing should be conducted on a small scale.

Who can install the product?

Anyone with a basic understanding of carpentry can easily install products.

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