Sponge knowledge
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The two technical indicators of sponge are: density and rebound index. High density and high quality are good, and the price is high. 01 Elasticity and comfort The poor density of the sponge either sinks into the sofa when sitting on it, or sits on a wood without elasticity. The sofa does not feel like a sofa, the jargon is called sitting feeling very dead. A good sponge has sufficient density and elasticity, and has a springy feel. 02 Use time A good sponge has good elasticity, quick recovery and not easy to damage. The poor sponge sank after sitting for a year or two and broke. 03 Environmental protection Some sofa manufacturers use sponges produced by small factories, and the quality and environmental protection cannot pass the barrier. 1. Use cheap sponge produced by a small factory, the price is only half of the famous factory; 2. Use scraps of scraps to cut into broken sponges to fill the cushion and backrest; 3. Use poor materials for the bottom (such as: A cotton); 04 Use Recycled sponge is made of waste broken sponges that are stained with glue (the glue contains a lot of formaldehyde, as the students who are decorating know). Looking at the colorful, it is actually a health killer, and it is also inflexible. Manufacturers use it. It is the bottom material of the cushion. 05 The quality of the sponge mainly depends on the following points: 1. Appearance: In addition to the special large and empty sponges, the more delicate the appearance of the general sponge, the smaller the pores, the better.

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