How To Decorate Your House?
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In the new year, we can redesign and decorate the house and improve our living environment. We have carefully selected five series of products to help you design.


First style - Sound insulation series


Working Principle:

Acoustic foam panels is full of fine voids and semi-open holes, which can absorb the high, middle and low frequencies of the sound, attenuate the sound, and lower the interference and reverberation of the sound reflected in the room to ensure the clarity of the sound.Professional acoustic control and reverberation reduction help to reduce sound pollution during life and enhance sound quality in studio or office.

Easy To Install

Beautiful shape,can decorate your room,like below


Second style - Sealing Series


WIDE APPLICATIONS -The foam weatherstrip can be used for door weather stripping or window weather stripping. It can block out wind, cold air, bugs, dust, etc effectively and be used for anti-collision and anti-slip purposes

PRODUCT FEATURES —It is weatherproof, corrosion-resistant, shock-absorbing, anti-skidding, soundproof and so on. With strong adhesive and non-degumming backing, this foam weatherstrip can stick firmly to doors, windows, etc


Third style - Grout Float & Grout Sponge

45164620353924.jpg 311646203683975.png

Grout Float

Wide application - Gum Rubber Float is used to spread grout into the joints when grouting

ceramic tile. Suitable for finishing or smoothing drywall compound, stucco, concrete or grout

Ergonomic handle - Comfortable TPR handle features with non-slip during use. 

Grout Sponge 

Designed for grout clean-up during floor and wall tile installation

Professional, heavy duty sponge with premium density for removing excess grout

Hydrophiliated design provides high water holding capacity for efficient cleaning

Rounded corner design prevents digging out or marring grout


Fourth style - Door Draft Stopper


If you have cold drafts coming through your under doors or maybe you need some noise reduction, this will be perfect for your home.

  • Door Draft Stopper can stop the heat escape when you turn the heating on during the winter season. Also protect your home, away from Cold, Noise, Light, Dust, Outside Light and Odors.

  • It moves with your door so it always remains in position.

TIPS: Please wipe the door clean before installation and keep it dry. Tips: Please wipe the door clean before installation and keep it dry. For enhanced stickiness you can use hair dryer add hot air to the adhesive for 30~40 sec


Fifth style - Garage Wall Protector


[MAXIMUM PROTECTION] These car door edge guards will protect your garage wall and prevent scratches and dents on your car’s doors and bumpers, saving you money on auto body repair.

[FIBERGLASS MESH STRONG ADHESIVE] The bumper guards are self-adhesive to allow a quick and easy installation, no tools necessary. With the fiberglass mesh on the adhesive, the car door protectors will stick strongly on your garage wall, leaving no residue after removal. They can be easily applied to almost any surface, such as plaster, wood, concrete, or metal.

[MULTIPLE USES]  Besides garage walls, they can be used in a warehouse, factory, or parking lot. The high-quality EVA foam is also great for adding padding to hard surfaces in kids’ rooms, play rooms, or staircases to make your home safer.


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