What is the meaning of Happy Lantern Festival?
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What is the meaning of Happy Lantern Festival?


There are several beliefs about the origin of the Lantern Festival. However, its roots trace back more than 2,000 years and is popularly linked to the reign of Emperor Wen of the Han dynasty. Emperor Ming, an advocate of Buddhism, noticed Buddhist monks would light lanterns in temples on the fifteenth day of the first lunisolar month. As a result, he ordered all households, temples and the imperial palace to light lanterns on that evening. From there it developed into a folk custom. Another likely origin is the celebration of "the declining darkness of winter" and community's ability to "move about at night with human-made light," namely, lanterns. During the Han dynasty, the festival was connected to Ti Yin, the deity of the North Star.

What you need to make a DIY flower tree?2024.2.23官网新闻-元宵节花泥-1.jpg

Assorted fresh greens

Fresh flowers

Floral foam

ClippersWaterproof tape

DecorationsGreen sticks

Utility container

1.Tape a brick of floral foam into a waterproof container and place it in water until the foam is thoroughly soaked. Boxwood is the main green I used for the tree, and I accented it, after the main shape was created, filling in with other assorted evergreens such as cedar, pine, and balsam.

2.Before starting to construct your tree, cut the greens off the main branch, creating multiple smaller pieces. Clean the bottom of the stems so they can easily be inserted into the foam

3.Attach your decorations to small floral sticks or wooden skewers.

4.Start by inserting a taller precut piece of boxwood at the top to create your basic height. Do the same at the bottom and sides. This gives you the base shape of your tree.

5.Continue adding pieces of boxwood, turning the tree as you go, until you have created the basic shape of your tree. Do not totally cover the foam yet.

6.I like to add a few sprigs of other evergreens, such as balsam and pine. These greens add that wonderful fragrance, and I find the different textures add visual interest as well.

7.Your tree is now ready to “decorate.” Because this tree is actually a “flower arrangement,” you can easily use fresh-cut flowers as a primary decorating feature. Just give your flowers a fresh cut and insert them directly into the foam, and they will stay fresh for up to two weeks.


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