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Fireproof NBR Foam

【Performance】 1.Closed cell,waterproof 2. Anti-collision,shockproof 3.High density,anti-aging 4. Environmentally safe  5. High elastic,wearable 6. Fireproof,heat insulation

Product Detail

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NBR sponge rubber is a type of rubber material that is formed when a foaming agent is introduced into rubber while it is being produced. The process results in an elastomer whose body features an air-filled matrix.

The resulting rubber is ultimately more compressible than normal solid rubber counterparts. This particular closed cell sponge rubber is made of NBR. The result is a fantastic sponge rubber product that is affordable and durable. It inherits the traits of its parent material in moderate levels. It is a black colored cellular rubber that works as a good general-purpose elastomer material.

By itself, NBR is very good at resisting the otherwise damaging effects of various oils and greases. In this blended cellular rubber, that quality is there but in a more moderate form. It will handle light oil contact with ease, but it should be noted that it will hold up very well against heavy oil contact.

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The real PVC Nitrile foam have a very smooth, even and soft outer skin on one side or on both sides (for foam thickness above 8 mm). Its surface offers a flexible and resilient touch. For the side view, you can clearly find out plenty of clear foamed cells inside the foam sheet. They comes in black color usually, but other colors can also be flexibly customized such as colorful NBR yoga mats.


Specifications and Properties – Closed Cell Nitrile Foam Sheet:

* General color is black and other colors can be flexibly customized according to customer requirements.
* Foam Density ranging from 70 – 90 kg/m³
* Made of highly resilient PVC and Nitrile rubber materials, Vinyl Nitrile foam can deliver excellent cushioning and shock absorption.
* With closed cell structure, PVC Nitrile foam also have superior performance on thermal and acoustic insulation.
* As soft and flexible closed cell foam material, resilient PVC Nitrile foam can be easily used for uneven surface and create ideal sealing.
* Vinyl Nitrile foam are also excellent at resistance to abrasion, water, weathering and oil etc..

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We Dengyue is a specialized foam manufacturer and fabricator. Our foam materials include EVA foam, Cross linked Polyethylene foam, PVC/ NBR foam, Neoprene foam rubber etc.. PVC NBR foam is one of the main materials we are working with. They can be highly customized by us to be NBR foam sheets, strips, tapes, gaskets and pads


NBR Rubber Foam


Nitrile Material


45-70±5 kg/m³


Size can be cut


Custom shape what you need




1.Closed cell,waterproof
2. Anti-collision,shockproof
3.High density,anti-aging
4. Environmentally safe
5. High elastic,wearable
6. Fireproof,heat insulation


Construction,machine,sealing material,fresh air system,vehicle engineering,etc

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1.Free sample
2.We can cooperate and give you the competitive price to help you developing your market time:5-7 days
4.high quality
5.Explore International Market,Win-Win Cooperations!

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