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Roof series

Roofing Series Manufacturer

Roofing systems often require more than decking and metal panel. A good roofing system likely requires a number of accessories to remain watertight,energy efficient,anti-dust,etc.In addition,keeping your roof functional at its best through the warranty period and beyond is dependent on its proper maintenance.

Where to find roofing accessories factory?

Dengyue Group make the best roofing ventilation and accessories for metal roofs. With the most tested and certified products on the market, you can trust our solutions to perform in even the harshest conditions, protecting your roof and everything underneath.

What roofing accessories we can buy?

We're here to help with proven products and a wealth of knowledge as well. Explore the areas below to learn more about Dengyue Group solutions and metal roofing in general.

Why choose us?

 BUSINESS SUPPORT:Product contributes presents, Installation instructions & video, Market Update (Once every two months)

 QUALITY INSPECTION:Six steps of Mould size, cutting size,accessories design,packaging, finished products and shipment, the qualified rate is 98%

 HIGH COST PERFORMANCE:The combined cost is 70% less than the local market rate

 FREE MOLD CHARGE:Without mould, Customized according to drawings

 LCL:Provide LCL service

 CAPACITY:50 cabinets/month Period of stability

  • Foam Closure

    Model: ST13

    1.Prevents insects from entering your building or nesting under the panels
    2.Helps reduce noise migration
    3.Help to seal the ridge cap and prevent wind and rain from penetrating beneath the ridge cap.
    4.Easy to cut and install
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  • Polyurethane Vented Foam Closure Strip

    Model: vt 01

    Open cell,non-toxic,anti-dust

    Back with glue,easy to install


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  • Strong Adhesive Butyl Tape

    Model: bt 01

    Pliable, sticky & tough enough for any project
    Waterproof, chemical resistant, temperature resistant to 200°F
    Material will not become brittle or crack
    Widely used for RV repair, windows, marine seals,etc.
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  • Gutter Filter Foam

    Model: gf01

    Keep your gutters clean with gutter filter foam
    Easiest DIY gutter filter on the market.
    No Tools Required!
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  • Ridge Vent Closure Foam

    Model: fc03

    Breathable,open cell
    Back with adhesive
    Easy to install
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  • Filter Closure Foam

    Model: fc04

    Open cell,breathable
    Eco-friendly,back with adhesive
    Anti-dust,anti insects
    Easy to install
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