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Seedling Float Foam
  • Seedling Float Foam

    Model: HP09

    Excellent insulation properties protect roots and promote healthy growth
    Lightweight product,easy to carry
    EPS trays are used to aid moisture retention in the hot season, keeping the plants nurtured.
    Eco-friendly,can be reuse,waterproof,etc
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  • Plastic Seedling Tray

    Model: HP06

    Used for seed germination and plant propagation
    Drainage holes large enough to allow roots to grow through, but keeps moistened vermiculite in place
    Environment, non-poison, good air permeability, with aging resisting
    With holes at the bottom, to prevent the root from being rot by too...
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  • Plant basket

    Model: HP08

    1.100% brand new and high quality.
    2.Cultivation basket, basket planting our solid and durable.
    3.Save water in arid drought resistance, light, breathable.
    4.Not easily deformed, not susceptible to corrosion
    5.These plastic net cups promote a more efficient plant growth through aerati...
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  • Plant Sponge

    Model: HP01

    【Design】100pcs in one sheet,can separate them to use.
    【Feature】Eco-friendly,high germination rate,easy to plant,breathable
    【Application】Soilless cultivation, plant vegetables,fruits, beans,cereals, flowers and so on.
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