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Foam Tape

Foam tape is used for tasks including gasketing, insulating, draught-sealing, cushioning or protecting, and sound dampening. These tapes are designed to improve the overall performance and effectiveness of the product, whilst enhancing the appearance of the design.


Foam tape comes in handy for a variety of uses. It can be useful across a number of projects both at home and in an industrial setting. This is because the adhesive sticks to a number of different surfaces.

Foam tape can stick to aluminum, wood, and glass. It also has the ability to withstand conditions like intense heat and moisture. These properties make foam tape a versatile material.

In addition to withstanding all sorts of conditions and bonding to all sorts of surfaces, foam tape comes in a number of shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. That's why it's important to ensure you're choosing the right foam tape for your job

What is Foam Tape Used For?

Most people don't know that foam tape can actually help replace a screw or bolt. In fact, some people prefer it because it’s less visible than mechanical fasteners.

Foam tape applies without a problem to the underside of surfaces, and because it’s tucked out of the way, it gives your project a sleek, finished look.

Screws and bolts can cause vibrations under heavy pressure, but using foam tape eliminates this possibility. As a result, less damage occurs and the project becomes significantly less dangerous.

  • Blue Film Foam Tape

    Model: FT01

    【Material】PE foam,eco-friendly,pass ROHS
    【Feature】Strong adhesive, dust proof, weather proof, soundproof , flexible,easy to install
    【Application】door edge, DIY plate, car trim strip, door & window sealing, posters ,etc.
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  • PVC Foam Tape

    Model: FT003

    【Material】PVC foam+acrylic adhesive
    【Design】It is designed for use in structural spacer systems and has an closed cell structure to allow the curing of structural silicones on all sides.
    【Application】Curtain wall and glazing
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  • Red Film Foam Tape

    Model: FT002

    【Feature】Strong glue. Faster, weatherproof ,wateproof,anti-dust,DIY size,easy to install,etc
    【Application】Clear coated panel, Painted cement or brick, Wood, Glass, Metal, Marble, Tile, Ceramic, name plates and Plastics.
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  • Strong Adhesive Butyl Tape

    Model: bt 01

    Pliable, sticky & tough enough for any project
    Waterproof, chemical resistant, temperature resistant to 200°F
    Material will not become brittle or crack
    Widely used for RV repair, windows, marine seals,etc.
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