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Door Draft Stopper

Dengyue Group is committed to handle the work of

blocking air jobs with ease for your home. Dengyue

products focus on quality, practicality.Our door

draft stopper is made of high quality materials that

can withstand frequent opening and closing of

doors without tearing or fraying.

Is a door draft stopper worth it?



Your door threshold may be the most vulnerable entry into your home. Any gap at all invites insects, outside noise, and outside weather to invade your otherwise peaceful space. Under Door Seal for Exterior/Interior Doors help you create a quite home environment and sleep well from less noise.At the same time, it's installation is very easy, can be cut and washed, and used repeatedly.


Block the cross of hot and cold air, Makes heating and cooling your home or office more efficient and reduce electric cost, help you reduce electric cost so as to save you energy and money. At the same time,Door sweep design is adopted to effectively reduce noise, prevent dust from entering through the door, and keep the room quiet and clean.


Under Door Draft Stopper is made of foam material, Door Bottom Weather Stripping can bend and deform. Door Sweep Strip Soundproof Dustyproof is very flexible and will not damage your floor. Draft Door Stopper conveniently moves with your door – no need to constantly bend down to re-position! It has a vinyl cover which is easy to cut to a suitable length and very easy to clean. Double-Sided = Double Protection!

37" Length Under door draft stoppers(Door Molding & Trim) is flexible for a custom fit. Foam tubes and vinyl can be cut down to fit narrow doors. Jumbo 1-inch diameter foam tubes are perfect for blocking extra-large gaps under your door. It can be used for your front door, back door, garage entry door, bedroom door, etc.

  • Door Draft Stopper

    Model: DS01

    【Application】Door bottom sealing
    【Function】 The door blocker helps to reduce noise, kick annoying bugs off and block the cold & hot air
    【Cut and easy to install】 You can cut the length as you need and easy to install without back adhesive
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  • Single Door Draft Stopper

    Model: DS02

    【Function】Windproof, Dust-proof, Weatherproof, Energy-saving, Soundproof.Create a more comfortable living environment
    【VeIcro design】 It has good adhesion and is easy to adjust and it will move with the door
    【Feature】Reduce the light, noise, sound from the outside.Keep cold air out and keep heat f...
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  • Twin Door Draft Stopper

    Model: DS03

    Easy installation and removal
    Easy for washing
    Keep the room cooler or warmer,keep your energy bills down
    Against noise, light, fumes and "other" types of smoke from seeping into room
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  • 36in windproof dustproof Fabric door draft stopper

    Model: DS04

    door stopper blocks light, noise, and unwanted air from entering or escaping through gaps under your doors. Its easy installation and wear resistant design makes it the perfect solution for keeping your home cozy and comfortable year round.
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