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Garage Wall Protector Foam

Soft padded parking cover, designed as a chamfered section, provides maximum impact and impact protection. Our protective foam is firm, flame retardant, and has strong shock absorption capacity. They are suitable for corners such as chamfered columns, rear sockets, wall sections, ceilings, etc., providing comprehensive protection for vehicles in parking lots. 


Garage Wall Protector Foam comply with European regulations to ensure high quality and safety standards. Ideal for protecting walls, corners, access ramps, corridors and other surfaces, conserving aesthetics and avoiding unwanted maintenance costs. They can be applied on masonry walls, wood, concrete blocks, precast panels, steel structures and plasterboard.

Those who compare quality and safety choose

*Easy to install and clean
*Impact resistant
*Does not propagate flames
*No painting required,reflective


How to Install
1.Please clean your garage wall surface firstly and ensure it is smooth, non-dust, dry, remove any particles on it.
2.Measure the size and mark the places you want to put it on.
3.Peel off the backing paper and apply the protector on the wall, make sure it is straight and no space between it.
4.Repeat the same steps above for the other side of your garage wall.
5.Be careful, the garage wall protector could not adjust after start to adhere to the wall.

  • Garage Wall Protector Foam

    Model: GP

    【Material】EVA,NBR foam, pass RoHS 【Feature】
    Easy to install,can be used indoor & outdoor
    Anti-collision: Helps protect car from accidental damage
    Warning: Reflective film strips bring attention to the drivers
    Waterproof and customized size&shape
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  • Garage Wall Guard Foam

    Model: GP10

    1.Guard your car against bumps and scratches damaging your vehicle's doors or bumpers. 2.Protect both car doors and garage walls from scratches and dents.
    3.It is self-adhesive for easy application. PS: surface must be free of dirt, dust and moisture.
    4.Cut and DIY size or shape to appl...
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  • PU Safty Foam Guard

    Model: SF01

    Black / Yellow Stripes
    Back with glue,easy to install and clean
    prevent injuries of your employees & prevent damage to your machines
    Used in warehouses, offices, around the home, and anywhere else where visibility and protection is needed
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  • Vehicle Impact Protection Foam Edge Protection for Car Parking Door

    Model: pt05

    1. Waterproof,fireproof

    2. protective,anti-collision,reflective


    4. adhesive with glue

    5. durable,anti-aging

    6. environmentally safe.
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  • car bumper protector

    Model: 01

    Door Protection: Save your car's doors with our premium Car Door Anti-Collision Strips! Made from high-quality EVA foam, these guards offer protection against scratches, dings, and dents, ensuring your vehicle stays flawless.Strong Adhesive & Secure Fit: Our  guards come equipped with a hig...
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