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Plastic Seedling Tray
Used for seed germination and plant propagation
Drainage holes large enough to allow roots to grow through, but keeps moistened vermiculite in place
Environment, non-poison, good air permeability, with aging resisting
With holes at the bottom, to prevent the root from being rot by too much
Product Detail

Plastic Seedling Tray

【Thicken】Thicker than most seed trays, making it more cost-effective and durable. Our seed tray will not deform easily in the sun. With these seed trays seedling starter, you finally begin to own your own private garden, and move towards your garden dream! The right way.

【Seed tray for Saplings & Beginners】You will get 15 pack 50 cell plugs seed trays, 750 cell plugs in total. Each cell is 1.7in square by 1.8in deep, suitable for starting flowers, vegetables, saplings and herbs such as cucumbers, tomatoes and beans.

【BPA Free Material】The thick PS plastic material does not contain BPA, can be reused, is not easy to deform, and is more durable than the degradable nursery pot. If you use it indoors instead of outdoors, it can last for several years.

【You need to know】These plant germination trays is suitable for growing plantlets, like starting seeds, starting succulents. It ’s okay if you want to grow vegetables, but to avoid them dry out fast, you had better put these items in a flat watering tray (not included), bottom watering.

【Independent growth space】Our seedling trays have independent growth spaces to avoid root entanglement, and the tilting design of the cell wall works together with the drain hole at the bottom to drain excess water, prevent root damage caused by excessive watering.

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