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Door Draft Stopper
  • Door Draft Stopper

    Model: DS01

    【Application】Door bottom sealing
    【Function】 The door blocker helps to reduce noise, kick annoying bugs off and block the cold & hot air
    【Cut and easy to install】 You can cut the length as you need and easy to install without back adhesive
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  • Single Door Draft Stopper

    Model: DS02

    【Function】Windproof, Dust-proof, Weatherproof, Energy-saving, Soundproof.Create a more comfortable living environment
    【VeIcro design】 It has good adhesion and is easy to adjust and it will move with the door
    【Feature】Reduce the light, noise, sound from the outside.Keep cold air out and keep heat f...
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  • Twin Door Draft Stopper

    Model: DS03

    Easy installation and removal
    Easy for washing
    Keep the room cooler or warmer,keep your energy bills down
    Against noise, light, fumes and "other" types of smoke from seeping into room
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