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Floral Foam

【Flower Arrangement】The soft fine Styrofoam which can absorb and hold water to keep your fresh cut flowers and greens hydrated.
【Wet& Dry】Our floral foam can be used for artificial silk flower directly, after absorbing water, also can make fresh flowers hold moisture.
【Size】Lightweight foam can be cutted into any shape to meet your design need.
【Ready to Use 】To use the foam blocks, just soak foam in water and cut the proper size, then place your flower on the foam.
【Package】Shrink package

Product Detail

Floral Foam

What is floral foam for?

Why use floral foam? Because it stabilizes flowers. Floral foam also holds water (adding flower food is recommended), which increases fresh flower longevity. Foam's stability means you can create and deliver the design you intend.

How to use floral foam?

To use the foam blocks, just soak foam in water and cut the proper size, then place your flower on the foam.

Can you put real flowers in floral foam?

Wet floral foam (green) are for fresh cut flower arrangements. It absorbs a large amount of water providing a water source for your fresh flowers letting them live for a longer period of time. Dry floral foam (grey) are for dried flower or artificial botanical arrangements.

How long will floral foam stay wet?

If left in sunlight or damp conditions it can turn very quickly. Soaked floral foam should be used with 1 to 2 weeks.

Product Description

Product Name

flroal foam,flroal mud,flower sponge






carton,shrinkable film


Valentine's Day,Christmas wedding party,thansgiving day


one-stop shopping LCL,OEM,ODM


free simple

【Wet or Dry】Wet foam block is water-absorbing foam.Once wet you can arrange fresh flowers and live greenery.No need to moisten brick for dried plants.Cuts easily to fit any sized container and help fresh flowers last longer.

【Shape】 :Square,love shape,number shape,customized.

【Material】:High density soft fine styrofoam, quick saturation and low drainage

【DIY Artwork】Ideal starter base for creating beautiful crafts and floral arrangements.When they are wet, you can cut and shape them any way you like.


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