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Foam Closure

1.Prevents insects from entering your building or nesting under the panels
2.Helps reduce noise migration
3.Help to seal the ridge cap and prevent wind and rain from penetrating beneath the ridge cap.
4.Easy to cut and install

Product Detail

TOP 5 Foam Closure Manufacturer

What is foam closures?

Foam closures aredense foam rubber strips that can be used on either side of a metal panel that are used to help seal the panel. The strips fill in the space between the roof deck (the base of which your roof lays) and the high part of the waves that make up a metal panel.

Why would I choose Foam Closure?

Foam Closure seals off the building, keeping out dust and unwanted pests.

How easy is it to install?

We apply strong industrial adhesive to the flat or ribbed side of the closure strip, so the foam closure won't move or blow away during the installation. This adhesive can stick to wet surfaces and in subfreezing temperatures.

Are foam closure strips waterproof?

Foam closure strips increase the weather-tightness of a metal roofing system. They reduce the chances of leaks by helping to block out wind-driven rain and other moisture.


Product Description

Nominal Density-Skin/Skin (BS ISO 7214 1998): 24 kg/m3

Cell Size, Typical Diameter: 0.3 mm

Compression Set: 25% comp, 22hr, 23°C

Tensile Elongation: 130%

Shore Hardness 00 Scale, 10 mm cell/cell thickness (ISO 868 1985): 50 00

Recommended Operating Temp. Range: +100°C/-70°C

Durometer (50): Shore 00

Water: 5% lbs/ft3 Specs shown are LD24 value.

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