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Vehicle Impact Protection Foam Edge Protection for Car Parking Door

1. Waterproof,fireproof 2. protective,anti-collision,reflective 3.warning,beautiful 4. adhesive with glue 5. durable,anti-aging 6. environmentally safe.

Product Detail

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  • Protect the car from scratches: The garage wall protective layer is made of high-quality EVA foam. The thickness of the foam protective layer can effectively absorb shock to protect the car door and garage wall from scratches and bumps and protect the corners. Avoid accidental damage.

Large-format garage wall protection allows vehicles to be protected more safely thanks to its size. Its beacon bands perfectly mark the wall, avoiding collisions.

With this foam panel protection for walls you can park making contact between the vehicle and the protector without damaging bumpers during this manoeuvre.

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Easy installation: the garage door edge protector is self-adhesive. Just peel off the paper lining and stick the bumper directly on the wall to a certain height to align with the door or bumper. (Before pasting, remove dust, oil, or water from the surface and keep it flat.

Wide Application: This can perfectly adapt to the pillars or walls at an angle of 90 degrees or more. Suitable for garage pillar or garage wall. It is an ideal choice for small and large commercial garages, indoor and outdoor parking lots, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, schools, and stadiums.

What You Will Get: The garage wall protector set includes 2 pieces of anti-collision foam strips with size 400*250*20mm/15.7*9.8*0.8inch, which can be cut into multiple pieces or different shapes.

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Wipe the walls clean with a rag.

2024.3.27纯黑警示块详情修改_画板 6.jpg


Tear off the paper behind.

2024.3.27纯黑警示块详情修改_画板 7.jpg


Bend the anti-collision strip.

2024.3.27纯黑警示块详情修改_画板 8.jpg


Stick on the wall.


2024.3.27纯黑警示块详情修改_画板 9.jpg


  1. Please clean and dry the wall surface and remove any particles on it;

  2. Peel approximately 4” or 10cm adhesive cover from one side and apply the protector on the wall.

  3. Slowly peel the rest of the adhesive cover and apply the protector on the wall at the same time to make sure it is straight and no space between it.

  4. Repeat the same steps above for the other side of your garage wall.

Notice before use:

  • Please do not put under extremely high temperatures or exposure to the sun for long;

  • Please clean the wall surface and remove the dust or other particles and keep dry before sticking the strips to the wall;

  • Protectors can be removed without leaving marks on most of surfaces (e.g. brick, tile, glass, or marble walls). But the removal on a brittle or lime wall pavement may need to do it with care because the adhesive is very strong.

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