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  • Swimming Kickboard

    *Improving leg strength
    *Suitable for adults and youth
    *Waterproof,eco-friendly , OEM & ODM
    *Perfect to use in any water environment
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  • Pull Buoy

    Model: 03

    *Elevates hips and legs to promote proper positioning
    *Made of soft, durable EVA foam
    *Allows swimmers to focus on stroke technique and rotation
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  • Waterproof EVA Cat Litter Mat

    *Waterproof/Urine Proof Mat
    *Easy to clean and be dry
    *Soft On Paws & Easy To Release Litter
    *Protect hardwood floors and carpets from nasty urine stains
    *Suitable for lots of type of litter, and kitty litter
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  • Polyurethane Vented Foam Closure Strip

    Model: vt 01

    Open cell,non-toxic,anti-dust

    Back with glue,easy to install


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  • Cylinder Netting Green Styrofoam Foam

    Model: hp02

    【Flower Arrangement】The soft fine Styrofoam which can absorb and hold water to keep your fresh cut flowers and greens hydrated.
    【Wet& Dry】Our floral foam can be used for artificial silk flower directly, after absorbing water, also can make fresh flowers hold moisture.
    【Size】Lightweight foam can be...
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  • Pet Hair Remover For Laundry

    Model: cs03

    hair remover for washing machine
    with this lint remover,you don't have to remover the hair manusally before wash clothes,they will do this for you
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  • Strong Adhesive Butyl Tape

    Model: bt 01

    Pliable, sticky & tough enough for any project
    Waterproof, chemical resistant, temperature resistant to 200°F
    Material will not become brittle or crack
    Widely used for RV repair, windows, marine seals,etc.
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  • pu stone wall panel

    Model: pt01

    light weight,easy to install, easy to cut,B1 fireproof,enviromental protection
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  • Gutter Filter Foam

    Model: gf01

    Keep your gutters clean with gutter filter foam
    Easiest DIY gutter filter on the market.
    No Tools Required!
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  • Cup brush sponge

    Model: cs03

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  • Ridge Vent Closure Foam

    Model: fc03

    Breathable,open cell
    Back with adhesive
    Easy to install
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  • Filter Closure Foam

    Model: fc04

    Open cell,breathable
    Eco-friendly,back with adhesive
    Anti-dust,anti insects
    Easy to install
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  • PU Safty Foam Guard

    Model: SF01

    Black / Yellow Stripes
    Back with glue,easy to install and clean
    prevent injuries of your employees & prevent damage to your machines
    Used in warehouses, offices, around the home, and anywhere else where visibility and protection is needed
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  • floor squeegee foam

    Model: s03

    floor squeegee
    eva squeegee
    floor cleaning squeegee
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